SearchNorthumberland 2011 results

8 Days until the end of the year and has indexed 83028 web pages. At this point it seems to be doing about 1400 web pages a day.
Some things were completed, some things weren’t. I’ve compiled a list of what I said it would do and what hasn’t been done.

  • Analyze web pages
    At this point there is no fast way of doing it, not with the amount of computers and time and power it takes. I think what I can do in the New Year is have it slowly check a webpage bit by bit.

The Notify! system needs a revamp, it is working but it needs some more work put into it.

I’m working on it today to get some stuff cleaned up so it can work hard over the holidays. This will probably be my last post of the year, so Happy Holidays and stay safe!

Recent sign ups and no confirmation email???

I made a small mistake,

People that signed up for through SearchNorthumberland today were not sent a confirmation e-mail. Their account was activated but it seems most people didn’t even log in, probably because they didn’t know what was going on :( .

To the people that didn’t receive an e-mail, my apologies and I’ll send it now.