Inner Page Navigation

Yesterday afternoon I created an inner page scroller to the right side of the page (if you can’t see it, it’s because it requires a minimum screen resolution of I think 1260px).
I had seen it on many sites and always thought it was pretty cool stuff.

I know that there is a jQuery version floating around somewhere but knew that it wouldn’t be too difficult to whip together. I also think I’ve pretty much eliminated jQuery from the main website altogether, therefore it didn’t seem justifiable to load jQuery for something that isn’t actually required to make the website work.

This afternoon I wondered how hard it would be to add it to the blog. I have never messed around with WordPress plugins so I knew that there would be some reading involved. A couple Google searches and the plugin worked.

I found it very easy to get going (although the plugin is considered basic compared to some others out there). For those that know there stuff, you’ll find WordPress plugins pretty easy to create. The best part was that I didn’t have to edit the original javascript file, it was built to easily work on just about anything.

I’m not going to post the code up (right now) and if you do get it by any other means, at least give some credit.

UPDATE : This was deleted accidentally with the update of the site